Hello Leesburg and surrounding Loudoun County area coffee lovers!

LoCo Beans Fresh Roasted Coffee is now in our third year at the silo in Market Station, Leesburg. Come on by and see what we’re doing to bring you the freshest roasted coffee in the county.

                                    ——   FEATURED OFFERING   ——

A new “Orders of Magnitude” coffee rolled out this week – a wonderful Colombian from “Redeeming Grounds”, grown on land formerly used for coca (cocaine) production.  This coffee is so good we’ve already ordered another shipment!

If you frequent our website you’ve no doubt noticed newly posted material.  We’ve been accumulating photos and other material for literally years, and we’re embarking on an effort to post news much more regularly.  One impetus is our recent nomination for a Loudoun County small business award; a package of material describing our business is due next week (5 September), which has proven a strong motivation to organize!  Next we’re planning to bring in the ‘big guns’ to tune-up website “presentation”.  My sister-in-law is a professional graphic artist and has served as an informal (i.e., free to us, except for a mug or a bag of coffee every once in a blue moon) consultant since we rolled out this roasting business.  You see her hand in our signage, logo, mugs, and even the color of our roaster.  It’s time to reach out to her again so she can look over the website and tell us how guys have absolutely no sense of perspective, proportion, or really taste for that matter.  Chau and I will then dutifully implement whatever changes she suggests.